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Blackhead Removal Mask Set 清黑頭拔膜組 (St. Clare MP3 VS 我的心機 黑頭終結者) (注意:內含黑頭近照 Alert: Close-ups of Blackhead)

Blackhead Removal Mask Set 清黑頭拔膜組 
(St. Clare MP3 VS My Scheming 黑頭終結者)

清黑頭收毛孔 相信是不少人的終極美容目標,絕對是天生麗質零毛孔肌的人 不能設身體會的苦!頑固的黑頭總是在鼻子上冒出來,無論你多勤奮地 針清 敷面膜 活性碳吸,然後用毛孔收縮水,黑頭大軍都總有辦法 風吹草又生,遍佈整個鼻頭,紮根 T 字部位,真是可恨!

Blackhead removal, I believe you can never quit this work. For those who have invisible pores, Lucky you and I envy you! The sad truth is, it just doesn't matter how much effort you put on removing blackheads, they'll always find their way(ssss) back to your nose, the centre of forehead, around the nose and even on the chin. Yuck!

台灣的 黑頭粉刺拔膜組合 選擇不少,大家用完效果各有不同,同樣都是三個步驟的組合,今天就來比一下 St. Clare MP3  My Scheming 黑頭終結者

Tai Wan is quite famous for their Three-Step Blackhead Removal Set. However the result for everyone is different according to how bad their blackhead is. I'll compare two brands, St. Clare's MP3 and My Scheming's Blackhead Terminator.

St. Clare V.S. My Scheminy
St. Clare MP3 V.S. My Scheming Blackhead Terminator

這種黑頭拔膜都有 3 個步驟:軟化、拔除、收毛孔。

This kind of removal set has 3 steps: softening, removing, minimizing.

首先要 普通清潔(別用磨砂膏/強力黑碳洗臉膏) 面部肌膚,去除油份就好。 不需特意用毛巾抹乾喔
步驟一:用第一瓶 (I) 在濕潤肌膚上豪爽一點按摩 3 分鐘,然後用清水洗掉,同樣別用毛巾抹乾皮膚。
步驟二:用第二瓶 (II) 在需要的部位(通常是額頭中間、鼻子跟鼻翼、下巴)塗上薄膜,等乾掉,重點是別出汗!!完全乾掉後 從下而上 外而內 一整片撕掉薄膜。清水洗乾淨皮膚。
步驟三:用第三瓶 (III) 在敷過拔膜的地方豪爽的用上,皮膚正常會癢癢的,因為毛孔裡的污垢去除了,這瓶會刺激毛孔收縮,不需洗掉。

Firstly, wash your face briefly to get rid of all the facial oil. Keep in mind please do not use any scrub products (even the night before). No need to blot dry the face.

Step 1: Use the Bottle (I) and generously pour some of the liquid and rub it on the area that needs attention, for 3 minutes. Then wash it off. Still no need to blot dry afterwards.
Step 2: Use the Bottle (II) and apply the content on needed areas (usually the centre of forehead, nose and around the nose, chin). Even it out and keep applying until you cannot notice the colour of your complexion. Wait for it to dry completely and peel it off, and cleanse the face. DO NOT SWEAT in this important step.
Step 3: Use the Bottle (III) and generously apply the liquid onto the areas. Leave it there and do not wash it off.


Caution: Be generous with Step two, You need to keep thickening the content until the color of our skin no longer peeps through. Please do not drink anything hot during Step 2 and Do not sweat. Turn on the fan if needed.

  • St. Clare MP3
額頭 Forehead

鼻子 Nose

額頭 Forehead

鼻子 Nose

St. Clare 的 MP3 只會拔起粉刺黑頭,不會黏住皮屑,拔的時候蠻痛的;效果不錯,不旦止頑固的,連比較幼的粉刺也能拔起。

I quite like St. Clare MP3 for it only plucks the blackheads but not my cuticles. It is a bit painful for peeling off the mask. The result is promising as it also plucks the thin ones.

  • My Scheming Blackhead Terminator
鼻子 Nose
My Scheming 的黑頭終結者,感覺上效果比 MP3 差,粉刺沒拔掉很多,但皮屑就黏了很多。

St. Clare MP3 is a bit better than My Scheming Blackhead Terminator as the latter also removes my cuticles and less of the blackheads.


很久以前,日立 跟 HABA 的 導入導出離子機 都很受歡迎,好不容易儲夠了 HK$1,500(約4年前) 買了 HABA 離子機,用了3個月就封塵了。

4 years ago, I bought a HABA ion machine with HK$1,500 and hoped to remove blackheads and minimize pore size with it. Hitachi and HABA were the most popular ones. After 3 months, it went right away to my storage box.

突然有個想法,如果用了 離子機 導出污物,再用拔膜,這樣會不會事半功倍呢?

I was wondering if I use the ion machine to draw out the dirt in my pore, would it enhance the effect of the removal mask?

  • My Scheming Blackhead Terminator + HABA Ion 機
鼻子 左邊 Nose LHS

鼻子 右邊 Nose RHS

鼻子 右邊 Nose RHS

鼻子 左邊 Nose LHS

It does!

其實兩種拔膜都沒差很大,我發現只要 步驟一 按摩夠 3 分鐘,大概感覺到皮膚上有一粒粒不平滑的時候就差不多可以洗掉了。之後的拔膜要塗得夠,完全遮蓋皮膚顏色,注意鼻翼兩邊別聚很多在那,等有夠久的!


In conclusion, I think the result for the two mask set is similar. Only if you rub the liquid from Bottle (I) and give it some time to do its work. When you can feel the area is not as smooth as before, and even little grains. That's when you know it's time to apply the Bottle (II). Cover and conceal the flesh color and DO NOT SWEAT. I cannot emphasize it enough.

價錢/Price (in HK)

St. Clare: around $70 at 萬寧 Mannings (bought 2 years ago, not sure)
My Scheming: $59 (格仔鋪) $4X (Watson's 買二件75折 後價)

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